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Peer-reviewed Article

Blue oak stump sprouting evaluated after firewood harvest in northern Sacramento Valley


Sheila J. Barry, UC Cooperative Extension, Santa Clara County
Larry C. Forero, UC Cooperative Extension, Shasta and Trinity counties
Douglas D. McCreary, UC Berkeley
Richard B. Standiford, UC Berkeley

publication information

California Agriculture 65(3):148-154. DOI: 10.3733/ca.v065n03p148. July-September 2011.

author affiliations

S. Barry is Livestock and Natural Resource Advisor, UC Cooperative Extension (UCCE) Santa Clara County; L. Forero is Livestock Advisor, UCCE Shasta and Trinity counties. D. McCreary is Cooperative Extension Natural Resource Specialist Emeritus, UC Berkeley; R.B. Standiford is Cooperative Extension Forest Management Specialist, UC Berkeley;

author notes

We thank the ranching families of Shasta and Tehama counties who allowed this study to take place on their lands. We also thank the California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection for funding. We appreciate the tremendous support of the late Ron Knight, Livestock Advisor Emeritus in Tehama County, who helped to contact cooperators and assisted with field data collection.