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Peer-reviewed Article

Post-emergence herbicides are cost effective for vineyard floor management on the Central Coast


Laura Tourte, UC Cooperative Extension (UCCE)
Richard Smith
Larry J. Bettiga
Tiffany Bensen, Research Associate
Jason Smith, Valley Farm Management
Daryl Salm

publication information

California Agriculture 62(1):19-23. DOI: 10.3733/ca.v062n01p19. January-March 2008.

author affiliations

L. Tourte, R. Smith and L. Bettiga are Farm Advisors, UC Cooperative Extension (UCCE), Santa Cruz, Monterey and san Benito counties; ; ; T. Bensen is former Staff Research Associate, UCCE Monterey County; J. Smith and D. Salm are growers and managers, Valley Farm Management, Soledad, Calif. ;