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peer-reviewed research article

Food Quality Protection Act launches search for pest management alternatives


Robert A. Van Steenwyk, Department of Entomology, UC Davis

publication information

California Agriculture 59(1):7-10. DOI: 10.3733/ca.v059n01p7. January-March 2005.

author affiliations

R. A. Van Steenwyk is Cooperative Extension Entomologist, Department of Environmental Science, Policy, and Management, UC Berkeley; and F.G. Zalom is Entomologist, Agricultural Experiment Station, and Cooperative Extension Entomologist, Department of Entomology, UC Davis. We gratefully acknowledge the California Department of Food and Agriculture for financial support in the development of the base document, and in publication of this special issue. We also thank the many UC Cooperative Extension Specialists and Farm Advisors who provided technical expertise in the development of alternative scenarios for the specific crops studied.