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Peer-reviewed Article

Barley, wheat, and triticale responses to planting date and seeding rate


Y. Paul Puri
Calvin O. Qualset
Kenneth G. Baghott

publication information

California Agriculture 31(11):8-10. November 1977.

author affiliations

Y. Paul Puri is Specialist, Department of Agronomy and Range Science, and Superintendent of U C Tulelake Field Station; Calvin O. Qualset is Professor, Department of Agronomy and Range Science, U C Davis; Kenneth G. Baghott is Farm Advisor, Tulelake.


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Yield potential of a crop is dependent upon genetic and environmental factors. The environmental factors can be manipulated to exploit the maximum yield potential of a variety. As new varieties are developed or introduced into an area, new and efficient cultural practices must be developed. This study at Tulelake was conducted under irrigation to determine the effects of planting dates and seeding rates on the yield and other agronomic characteristics of wheat, barley and triticale.