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Peer-reviewed Article

Breeding successes with spring wheat germplasm


Calvin O. Qualset
John D. Prato
Herbert E. Vogt

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California Agriculture 31(9):26-27. September 1977.

author affiliations

Calvin O. Qualset is Professor of Agronomy, Department of Agronomy and Range Science, Davis. John D. Prato is Extension Agronomist, Department of Agronomy and Range Science, Davis. Herbert E. Vogt is Staff Research Associate, Department of Agronomy and Range Science, Davis.


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University of California and U.S. Department of Agriculture scientists have been conducting a wheat breeding program at Davis since the 1920s. In the early years, germplasm resources came from the old California cultivars, with their characteristic white grain. The situation changed dramatically in 1961 when a previously unimportant disease, stripe rust (Puccinia striiformis), devastated much of the crop in the Sacramento Valley. During that year, varieties from Mexico proved resistant and replaced the original cultivars in California commercial production.

author notes

(Editory's note: John D. Prato passed away August 5, 1977 at age 47.)