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Peer-reviewed Article

Tomato pomace may be a good source of vitamin E in broiler diets


Annie J. King, UC Davis
Gideon Zeidler, UC Riverside

publication information

California Agriculture 58(1):59-62. DOI: 10.3733/ca.v058n01p59. January-March 2004.


Wastes from tomato processing could provide a rich source of vitamin E for chickens, reducing fat deterioration and prolonging shelf life.

author affiliations

A.J. King is Food Scientist, UC Davis; G. Zeidler is Poultry Extension Specialist, UC Riverside. Both are Professors, Department of Animal Science, UC Davis. The UC Division of Agriculture and Natural Resources Special Grants Program partially funded this research. The authors acknowledge the technical contributions of Leslie Earl, Dennis Fitz Patrick, Robert Lam, Larry Jones and Steve Bates.