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Peer-reviewed Article

Growers prefer personal delivery of UC information


Richard P. Buchner, Tehama County
James I. Grieshop, UC Davis
Joseph H. Connell, Butte County
William H. Krueger, Glenn County
William H. Olson, Butte County
Janine K. Hasey, Sutter-Yuba counties
Carolyn Pickel, Sutter-Yuba counties
John Edstrom, Colusa County
Frank T. Yoshikawa, Sutter-Yuba counties

publication information

California Agriculture 50(3):20-25. DOI: 10.3733/ca.v050n03p20. May-June 1996.


The success of California agriculture depends on the effective delivery and adoption of useful information. Traditionally, Cooperative Extension has stressed the use of “multipliers” including pest control advisors and private consultants as an effective way to widely distribute information. However, results of a study examining the regional reach of information for tree crop farmers in a six-county area suggests such a strategy may not be as effective as presumed. Growers contacted PCAs, chemical representatives and private consultants more often than farm advisors, but considered farm advisors more useful information sources. Cooperative Extension and other agricultural educators must learn more about how farmers acquire information and what influences their adoption of new practices.

author affiliations

R.P. Buchner is Farm Advisor, Tehama County; J.I. Grieshop is Extension Specialist, Department of Human and Community Development, UC Davis; J.H. Connell is Farm Advisors, Butte County; W.H. Krueger is Farm Advisor, Glenn County; W.H. Olson is Farm Advisors, Butte County; J.K. Hasey is Farm Advisors, Sutter-Yuba counties; C. Pickel is Area IPM Advisor, Sutter-Yuba counties; J. Edstrom is Farm Advisor, Colusa County; F.T. Yoshikawa is Farm Advisors, Sutter-Yuba counties;