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Peer-reviewed Article

Helping youth at risk: 4-H and Cooperative Extension venture into child care


Sharon K. Junge, Placer-Nevada counties.
Dave Riley, University of Wisconsin
Jill Steinberg, University of Wisconsin
Chris Todd, University of Illinois
Ina McClain, I. McClain is state 4-H Youth Development Specialist, University of Missouri.

publication information

California Agriculture 48(7):27-30. December 1994.


An increasing number of children in America are considered at risk because of poverty, homelessness, hunger, family violence or other social ills. As part of its “Youth at Risk” initiative, the national Cooperative Extension System started school-age child care (SACC) programs to promote positive youth development by providing high quality, after-school care. UC Cooperative Extension and 4-H participated in this effort, supporting SACC sites in targeted communities throughout California. This report summarizes the California portion of a national evaluation to determine if the SACC programs are having their desired effects.

author affiliations

S. Junge is CE County Director and 4-H Youth Development Advisor, Placer-Nevada counties. D. Riley is Associate Professor, University of Wisconsin; J. Steinberg is Research Assistant, University of Wisconsin; C. Todd is Extension Specialist, University of Illinois; I. McClain is state 4-H Youth Development Specialist, University of Missouri.

author notes

California collaborators for this article included: Evelyn Conklin-Ginop, Nancy Feldman, Pat Johns, Sue Manglallan, Teresa McAllister, Dave Snell, Isela Valdez and Juliann Cheney.