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Peer-reviewed Article

Livina mulches suppress aphids in broccoli


Michael J. Costello, UC Berkeley
Miguel A. Altieri, UC Berkeley

publication information

California Agriculture 48(4):24-28. July-August 1994.

author affiliations

Michael J. Costello was Graduate Student and is now Postdoctoral Researcher, Laboratory of Biological Control, UC Berkeley, located at the Kearney Agricultural Center, Parlier. Miguel A. Altieri is Associate Professor, Laboratory of Biological Control, UC Berkeley.

author notes

We thank Drs. Lewis Feldman, Terry Chapin and Kenneth Hagen for generously providing equipment necessary for this study. Assistance was given by Mike Gonzales and Teo Gonzales at the Rural Development Center in Salinas. Thanks to Martin Johnson at Bud of California for supplying the broccoli transplants. The synthetic fertilizer was donated by PureGro Chemical Co. in Chualar and the compost by Foster Farms in Livingston. Thanks to all those who helped with planting and field sampling, including Marta Astier, Marco Barzman, Jeff Dlott, Kathleen Delate, Merrilee Enos, Jose Gonzales, Jan Hirabayashi, William Meikle, Kathy Melvin, Gonzalo Orejel and Thais Winsome. Linda Schmidt helped coordinate the field help and Dr. John Menke helped with statistical analysis. Partial financial support was provided by the Jesse Smith Noyes Foundation in New York and the California Energy Commission. Thanks to Dr. Kent Duane for reviewing the manuscript.