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Peer-reviewed Article

Effect of fungicides on shot hole disease of almonds


Beth L. Teviotdale, University of California
Mario Viveros
Mark W. Freeman
G. Steven Sibbett

publication information

California Agriculture 43(3):21-23. May-June 1989.


Several registered fungicides evaluated over a 7-year period in the southern San Joaquin Valley controlled the disease on fruit. Captan, captatol, and ziram preceded by dormant copper provided the most consistent control. Fungicides protected against yield losses in a heavy-disease year but had no effect on yields when the disease was not prevalent.

author affiliations

Beth L. Teviotdale is Extension Plant Pathologist, University of California, Kearney Agricultural Center, Parlier; Mario Viveros is Farm Advisor, Kern County; Mark W. Freeman is Farm Advisor, Fresno County; G. Steven Sibbett is Farm Advisor, Tulare County.

author notes

The authors thank Dennis H. Harper, Staff Research Associate, Kearney Agricultural Center, Lyn Beurmann and John Fritz, Agricultural Field Assistants, Kern County, and Paramjet Dosaanjh and John Vernon, Tejon Farming Company, for their invaluable technical assistance. They also thank Tejon Farming Company in Kern County, Scalia Brothers in Tulare County, and Otis Freeman in Fresno County, for use of orchards and equipment.