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Peer-reviewed Article

New psyllid pest of California pepper tree


James Downer, Cooperative Extension, Ventura County
Pavel Svihra, Cooperative Extension, Alameda County
Richard H. Molinar, Cooperative Extension, Alameda County
Jack B. Fraser, University of California, Berkeley
Carlton S. Koehler, University of California, Berkeley

publication information

California Agriculture 42(2):30-31. March-April 1988.


The insect disfigures trees by attacking tender new growth.

author affiliations

James A. Downer is Farm Advisor, Cooperative Extension, Ventura County; Pavel Svihra is a Farm Advisor, Cooperative Extension, Alameda County; Richard H. Molinar is a Farm Advisor, Cooperative Extension, Alameda County; Jack B. Fraser is former Graduate Research Assistant, Department of Entomological Sciences, University of California, Berkeley; Carlton S. Koehler is Entomologist, Cooperative Extension, UC Berkeley.

author notes

The authors acknowledge the assistance of A. Redo and S. Griffin in the field trials.