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Peer-reviewed Article

The variegated grape leafhopper in the San Joaquin Valley


Hiroshi Kido, University of California
Donald L. Flaherty, Tulare County
Daniel F. Bosch, UC
Karen A. Valero, Cooperative Extension

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California Agriculture 38(1):31-32. January-February 1984.


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The variegated grape leafhopper, the principal pest of grapes in southern California and Arizona, was reported for the first time in 1980 on grapes in Fresno County, in the San Joaquin Valley. Its widespread distribution there, however, suggested that it had been present before then. This leafhopper has since been found also in Tulare County. A closely related species, the grape leafhopper, is the most common grape pest in central and northern California.

author affiliations

Hiroshi Kido is Staff Research Associate, Department of Entomology, University of California, Davis; Donald L. Flaherty is Farm Advisor, Cooperative Extension, Tulare County; Daniel F. Bosch is Staff Research Associate, Department of Entomology, UC Davis; Karen A. Valero is Staff Research Associate, Cooperative Extension, Tulare County.

author notes

Photographs by Jack K. Clark.