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Peer-reviewed Article

Domestic fly problems in deep pit poultry houses


Lorry L. Dunning, U. C. Davis
Edmond C. Loomis, U.C. Davis
W. Stanley Coates, U. C. Davis
Fred C. Price, Stanislaus County.

publication information

California Agriculture 32(9):16-19. September 1978.


author affiliations

L. L. Dunning is Staff Research Associate IV Cooperative Extension, U. C. Davis; E. C. Loomis is Extension Parasitologist, U.C. Davis; W. S. Coates is Farm Advisor, Sonoma County; F. C. Price is Farm Advisor, Stanislaus County.

author notes

For assistance and cooperation in helping to conduct vorious aspects of this study, the authors wish to credit the following: S. Isle, L. Youngs, J. Suh, M. Axtman, G. Kinnicutt, and D. Spence, Laboratory Assistants, Cooperative Extension, U.C. Davis, and the poultrymen and staff of the six ranches included in this survey.