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Peer-reviewed Article

Leafhoppers transmit citrus stubborn disease to weed host


George H. Kaloostian
George N. Oldfield
Edmond C. Calavan, University of California
Richard L. Blue, University of California

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California Agriculture 30(9):4-5. September 1976.


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A European weed, London rocket (Sisymbrium irio), which is distributed from coastal and interior southern California to Modoc County in northern California, has been found to harbor Spiroplasma citri. We have succeeded in demonstrating transmission to London rocket by leafhoppers, Scaphytopius nitridus and Circulifer tenellus, and from these field plants to periwinkle (Vinca rosea) by C. tenellus.

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The authors thank Oscar P. Clarke, Senior Museum Scientist, Department of Biology, U.C., Riverside, for identification of plants