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Peer-reviewed Article

Multiple Insemination of Turkey Hens


F. X. Ogasawara, UC Davis
J. P Schroeder, Cooperative Extension
L. S. Mercia, University of Vermont, Burlington

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California Agriculture 29(12):14-15. December 1975.

author affiliations

F. X. Ogasawara is Professor, Avian Sciences Department, UC Davis; J. P. Schroeder is Area Farm Advisor in Turkeys, Cooperative Extension, Kearney Field Station, Reedley; L. S. Mercia is Extension Poultryman, University of Vermont, Burlington, Verniont.


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Dilution of turkey semen to make it more fluid and easier to work with is practiced in some segments of the turkey breeding industry since fertility is not adversely affected and, in some cases, is enhanced. Dilution of semen also offers an economic advantage. The number of toms in a breeding flock, costing $30 each for the season, can be decreased. The potential savings to California turkey breeders from this reduction would amount to approximately $1.5 million for the turkey breeding season.