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Research Article

A progress report of control methods for: Elm Leaf Beetle


C. S. Koehler, University of California
P. Dean Smith, Inyo and Mono Counties
R. L. Campbell, U. C. Berkeley
C. S. Davis, U. C. Berkeley

publication information

California Agriculture 19(4):8-10. April 1965.


Abstract Unavailable.

author affiliations

C. S. Koehler is lecturer in Entomology and Assistant Entomologist, University of California, Berkeley; P. Dean Smith is Farm Advisor, Inyo and Mono Counties; R. Lee Campbell is a Graduate Assistant in Entomology, U. C., Berkeley; C. S. Davis is Extension Entomologist, U. C., Berkeley.

author notes

Photos of the elm leaf beetle larvae and adults feeding and of the eggs on the underside of a leaf are by L. R. Brown.