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California Agriculture, January 1979

Volume 33, Number 1

Peer-reviewed Research and Review Articles

Factors affecting agricultural land prices
by B. Delworth Gardner, Carole Frank Nuckton
The 1970's brought such rapid increases in land prices that one is compelled to look for forces that have had special impact.
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Warp reduction in young-growth ponderosa pine studs
by Donald G. Arganbright, James A. Venturino, Michael R. Gorvad
Conventional kiln-drying under restraint with an initial plasticization treatment reduced fall-down from 51.0 percent to 34.4 percent.
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Some forces affecting our changing American agriculture
by Harold O. Carter, Warren E. Johnston, Carole Frank Nuckton
The changing interface between commercial agriculture and quasi-agricultural interests in rural areas and the rising capital requirements in farming suggest an emerging compromise in the form of a dual rural economy: (1) large commercial farm units, and (2) smaller farms, based on subsistence, part-time, retirement, or hobby interests.
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Gaseous ammonia losses following nitrogen fertilization
by Joseph H. Connell, Roland D. Meyer, Jewell L. Meyer, Robert M. Carlson
Fertilizer nitrogen can be lost when gaseous ammonia volatilizes following surface application of urea fertilizer. Fertilizer placement 1½ inches deep can help prevent significant losses from occurring.
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Apple russet on Yellow Newtown Pippin
by George C. Martin, Ronald H. Tyler, Chic Nishijima
Using compounds that were successful in treating russet-sensitive Golden Delicious apples, scientists tested Yellow Newtown Pippins in the Pajaro Valley for response against russeting. The treatments did not reduce russet enough to warrant use.
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EDITORIAL: Debunking myths
by J. B. Kendrick

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