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January-March 2015

Cover: Prescribed burning helps to reduce fuels on the forest floor, clear dense understory vegetation and increase diversity in forests. Controlled fires and mechanical treatments can greatly reduce the risk of catastrophic wildfire. In the cover photo, Darrik Carlson, a research assistant at UC Berkeley’s Blodgett Forest Research Station in El Dorado County, measures the height of the charred bark on a 100-year-old mature tree after a prescribed burn. Photo by Will Suckow.

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California Agriculture, January-March 2015

Volume 69, Number 1
Forestry: Managing for the future

Peer-reviewed Research and Review Articles

Mapping forests with Lidar provides flexible, accurate data with many uses
by Maggi Kelly, Stefania Di Tommaso
pp14-20, doi#10.3733/ca.v069n01p14
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Carbon calculator tracks the climate benefits of managed private forests
by William C. Stewart, Benktesh D. Sharma
pp21-26, doi#10.3733/ca.v069n01p21
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Large-tree removal in a mixed-conifer forest halves productivity and increases white fir
by Robert A. York
pp27-35, doi#10.3733/ca.v069n01p27
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Post-fire vegetation dynamics of a sagebrush steppe community change significantly over time
by Sara K. Hanna, Kenneth O. Fulgham
pp36-42, doi#10.3733/ca.v069n01p36
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UC plays a crucial facilitating role in the Sierra Nevada Adaptive Management Project
by Adriana Sulak, Lynn Huntsinger, Susan D. Kocher
pp43-49, doi#10.3733/ca.v069n01p43
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Cooperative, cross-boundary management facilitates large-scale ecosystem restoration efforts
by Erin Kelly, Jonathan Kusel
pp50-56, doi#10.3733/ca.v069n01p50
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UC Cooperative Extension works with fire safe councils to reduce wildfires
by Glenn A. Nader, Michael De Lasaux
pp57-63, doi#10.3733/ca.v069n01p57
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Editorial, News, Letters and Science Briefs

EDITORIAL: UC Berkeley's forestry program celebrates 100 years
by J. Keith Gilless
pp4, doi#10.3733/ca.v069n01p4
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Californians must learn from the past and work together to meet the forest and fire challenges of the next century
by Susan Kocher
pp5-9, doi#10.3733/ca.v069n01p5
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Forest thinning may increase water yield from the Sierra Nevada
by Jim Downing
pp10-11, doi#10.3733/ca.v069n01p10
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Conifer encroachment study will inform efforts to preserve and restore North Coast oak woodlands
by Jim Downing
pp12-13, doi#10.3733/ca.v069n01p12
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General Information

About California Agriculture
by Editor
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