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May 1976

Cover: Above left, adult female Cales noaki, an import from Chile, and, right, adult female Amitus spiniferus from Mexico, both effective parasites of wooly whitefly (below).

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California Agriculture, May 1976

Volume 30, Number 5

Research Articles

Biological control of woolly whitefly
by Paul Debach, Mike Rose
pp4-7, doi#10.3733/ca.v030n05p4
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Applying phosphorus through drip irrigation systems
by R. S. Rauschkolb, D. E. Rolston, R. J. Miller, A. B. Carlton, R. G. Burau
pp8-10, doi#10.3733/ca.v030n05p8
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Walnut blight control
by W. H. Olson, W. J. Moller, L. B. Fitch, R. B. Jeter
pp10-13, doi#10.3733/ca.v030n05p10
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Reducing set in ruby seedless grapes with gibberellin
by Fred Jensen, Fred Swanson, George Leavitt
pp13, doi#10.3733/ca.v030n05p13
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Increasing growth and yield of ‘thompson seedless’ vines by trellising
by A. N. Kasimatis, Lloyd A. Lider, W. Mark Kliewer
pp14-15, doi#10.3733/ca.v030n05p14
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Pear and apple scab control
by J.L. Joos, B. E. Bearden, A. Berlowitz
pp16-18, doi#10.3733/ca.v030n05p16
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Influence of variety and cutting stage on oat hay yields
by C. A. Schoner, T. E. Kearney, J. D. Prato
pp18-19, doi#10.3733/ca.v030n05p18
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Editorial, News, Letters and Science briefs

EDITORIAL: Resources for tomorrow
by J. B. Kendrick
pp2, doi#10.3733/ca.v030n05p2

Filling a blank
pp3, doi#10.3733/ca.v030n05p3a

Understanding malaria
pp3, doi#10.3733/ca.v030n05p3b

Once is enough
pp3, doi#10.3733/ca.v030n05p3c

Multi-purpose greenbelts
pp3, doi#10.3733/ca.v030n05p3d

Tougher turf
pp3, doi#10.3733/ca.v030n05p3e