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California Agriculture

12 years ago

May-June 2002
Volume 56, Number 3

Avocado thrips: New challenge for growers

35 years ago

March 1979
Volume 33, Number 3

Controlling powdery mildew in greenhouse roses

65 years ago

March 1949
Volume 3, Number 3

California red scale: Studies in possible control by employment of natural enemies

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California Agriculture, Volume 58

California Agriculture, Vol. 58, No.1

California Agriculture
January-March 2004

Volume 58, Number 1
The hunger-obesity dilemma: Finding a healthy balance

California Agriculture, Vol. 58, No.2

California Agriculture
April-June 2004

Volume 58, Number 2
Fruits of biotechnology struggle to emerge

California Agriculture, Vol. 58, No.3

California Agriculture
July-September 2004

Volume 58, Number 3
Clean water for all: Science to protect a critical resource

California Agriculture, Vol. 58, No.4

California Agriculture
October-December 2004

Volume 58, Number 4
Racing for crabs: Sea Grant fishes for solutions